An Egg A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

Ensuring that young children grow up strong and healthy will always be a top priority for new parents – and now new research has suggested that by feeding your baby an egg a day, you could help them develop properly and reduce stunted growth.

The Washington University study found that eggs could increase standardised length-for-age scores and weight-for-age scores when given to children between the ages of six and nine months once a day for six months.

The children in this treatment group not only had higher intakes of eggs, however, but also had a reduced intake of sugar-sweetened products compared to the control group.

Lead author of the study Lora Iannotti said: “Eggs can be affordable and easily accessible. They are also a good source of nutrients for growth and development in young children. Eggs have the potential to contribute to reduced-growth stunting around the world.”

As long as your baby is at least six months old, it’s fine to start feeding them eggs. To begin with, give them a few bits and pieces to see how they get on, but any form of eggs is fine for little ones – so start scrambling, poaching, boiling and frying to your heart’s content!

However, avoid giving them raw eggs so anything like homemade mayo, mousse or homemade ice cream should be left well alone. Be aware as well that your child may have an egg allergy, so look out for sore throats, itchy or runny noses, swelling, rashes or itchy and watery eyes.

Check out the Baby-Luxe website for Iiamo products to help feed your baby.

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Baby Gifts For Clooney Twins Revealed

When a couple like George and Amal Clooney have twins it could well be difficult to know what to buy for the newborns. But, naturally, their friends and family have lavished wonderful gifts on Ella and Alexander, who were born earlier in June.

Hello! magazine has revealed some of the presents purchased for the new parents and their babies, revealing that Amal’s mother bought organic cotton sleepsuits for the twins.

While the twins’ grandmother opted for clothing, George Clooney’s business partner Rande Gerber and his wife Cindy Crawford reportedly sent an entirely practical gift - an enormous delivery of nappies.

Oprah Winfrey, a friend of the couple, recently told Entertainment Tonight what her choice of gift for the new arrivals was.

The magazine quoted her as saying: “My favourite baby gift to give is the baby’s own book club.” She explained that this involves getting the baby’s name, putting it on a range of baby books and sending them to the family.

When friends or family have a new baby, it can be hard to know where to begin with baby gifts, especially if you don’t have children of your own.

However, you could take some inspiration from a new baby box scheme that’s being launched in Scotland later this year. Every new baby born in the country from August will receive one of the boxes, which is packed with essential items like baby grows, a changing mat, a bath towel and reusable nappies and liners.

Take a look at the range of Snoozebaby clothes if you want to get something special for a new arrival.

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Co-Sleeping Linked To Less Sleep For Babies!

Sharing a room with a newborn baby is something that a lot of parents feel compelled to do and while this is recommended for the first year to help prevent sudden infant death syndrome, new research suggests that co-sleeping after the first four months could have a negative effect.

Carried out by Penn State College of Medicine, the study found that sleeping in the same room as your baby after the first four months is linked to less sleep for the infant and also has associations with unsafe sleeping practices.

It was found that at four months old, children who slept independently had a longer stretch of continuous sleep than those who shared with a parent (averaging out at 45 minutes more). At nine months old, this gap was even wider, with those children who did learn to sleep on their own by four months experiencing sleep stretches averaging out at one hour and 40 minutes longer than babies sleeping in their parents’ room.

Sleep safety was also seen to be affected by room sharing. It was seen that a child that shared a room at four months old was more likely to have a pillow or blanket, which could increase the chances of sudden infant death syndrome.

“Inadequate infant sleep can lead to obesity, poor sleep later in life and can negatively affect parents. Many paediatricians and sleep experts question the room-sharing recommendation until one year because infants begin to experience separation anxiety in the second half of the first year, making it problematic to change sleep locations at that stage. Waiting too long can have negative effects on sleep quality for both parents and infants in both the short and long term,” Dr Ian Paul, professor of paediatrics at the college, said.

If you’re worried about sudden infant death syndrome and want to do all you can to reduce the risk, don’t share a bed with your baby if you’ve taken drugs, you’re a smoker or if you’ve been drinking alcohol. Never sleep with the baby on a sofa or armchair and don’t let your child get too hot or too cold. NHS advice is to keep the baby’s head uncovered, with the blanket tucked in no higher than their shoulders.

Ensuring that your baby sleeps on their back from the beginning for day and night sleeps will help to reduce the risks, as it’s not as safe for them to sleep on their tummies or on their backs. But remember that as soon as your baby is old enough to roll over, you don’t need to worry if they turn over onto their side or their tummy while asleep.

If your child sleeps well, then you’ll be a much happier parent so it’s important to try and get into a proper routine as soon as you can. Investing in the right kind of Snoozebaby clothes could also prove beneficial to getting a good night’s sleep so check out the Baby-Luxe website to see what we have in stock right now.


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Holidays ‘Cost More’ For Single Parents

With the summer holidays just around the corner, many parents will no doubt be planning to go on holiday with their little ones, but if you’re a single parent you may find that the cost of taking a break with your child is higher than you’d like.

According to research conducted for Sky News, it can cost a single parent travelling with one child up to 28 per cent more for a holiday, than two parents travelling with one child.

The survey, which was carried out by FairFX for the news provider, noted that there are a number of issues if you’re a single parent, including that many of the free child places are only on offer if two adults are travelling.

Chief executive of FairFX Ian Strafford-Taylor said that the travel industry should rethink the way it prices holidays.

“People go online more and people’s family units are changing all the time so holiday companies need to adapt and start offering a discount to single parents,” he stated.

Of course, travelling with a small child - or children - can be stressful at the best of time, so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for going away without having mountains of luggage to carry.

Hello! recently highlighted some of the top baby travel products, with many singled out for their versatility, ease of use and weight.

A fold-away high chair, multifunctional mat and a lightweight baby carrier were among the items it picked out as must-haves for parents who need to go away with their little ones.

Whether you’re looking for something like the Bumbleride baby changing bag to carry all of your essentials, or a waterproof changing mat that folds into its own pouch, we’ll have what you need for happy travels this summer at Baby Luxe


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Hot Baby Trend: Cake Smash Parties!

As every parent knows, their baby’s first birthday is a momentous occasion and one that deserves to be celebrated in style. And now there’s a new way to get in the party spirit, although be prepared to get a little messy!

It’s called cake smash and involves giving your one-year-old a beautiful birthday cake and allowing them to dive in and get completely covered in it, all with a professional photographer on hand to capture your little one in all its cake-covered glory. This is often followed up by a fun bubble bath, which the photographer will also take snaps of so you can remember the day fondly for years to come.

To throw a party yourself, you’ll need a baby-sized cake and a disposable table cloth so that you can clear the mess up quickly and easily. It might be a good idea to dress your child minimally as well so you don’t get stuck with having to do lots of washing afterward – although don’t forget, it is their birthday so they should look their best if possible. A little bow tie and some braces would be a great look for a little boy, while a girl could go for ribbons in her hair or some cute little pants to look good in the photos.

But, of course, your photographer is sure to have all sorts of ideas themselves to help you work it all out – and the best bit is that there are dedicated cake smash photographers out there, so see if you have one in your local area who can offer you some advice.

And perhaps get your hands on a Luma baby bath before you throw the party so you know you’re ready for the big clean up after the celebrations are done.

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