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Lidl Tempts Kids To Eat Healthily With Rad-Fishes And Celery Storks

  We all know how difficult it can be to get the little ones to eat their greens but budget supermarket Lidl has come up with a novel way to help out: fun-sized veggies.  You may be more familiar with the tempting fun-size (read tiny) treats that come in a...

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Black Friday weekend

The recent weeks we have been warming up to black Friday with some good offers and articles to our subscribers.

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Great offers you might like (but don't forget to email us for that special code ;-) 



    50% off the soft baby clothing range from Snoozebaby. With it's famous tags and impressive quality it's one not to miss
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 Lovely range from Australian Penny Scallan. Save up to 30% across all the products.

High quality and lovely coordinated colours of Gumboots, Umbrella, Raincoats. And check out their art smock for messy X-mas days and Apron for when helping out in the kitchen?


In the range you will also find a lovely collection of travel wheellies for the holidays as well as a lovely range of homeware with beanbag, clock, bookends and storage baskets. All coordinated - or mix and match!


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Get inspiration for those lunchpacks and how to travel with food, babies and toddlers. we found this great webpage on how to introduce solids at 4-6 months. We've got some great (tested by our babies) items to help you transport the mush around



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