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WaterHero Bath mats shows when water is right temperature and protects from slips.

Anti-slip and with suction cups - does not damage your bath, doesn't have to be glued and can be removed for drying and cleaning.

WaterHero mats are anti-slip bath mats with a temperature indicating system that protects your child from slips and burns in the bath and helps you monitor the water temperature whilst bathing your child. WaterHero mats changes colour when the temperature is too high (over 37 degrees C). Suitable for most bath tubs, WaterHero mats gives you peace of mind knowing that the water temperature is safe for your baby’s delicate skin. Your baby can enjoy the delightful feet pattern whilst being bathed and you as the parent can feel at ease knowing that your child is not at risk of being scalded by water that is too hot. • Quick and easy to attach with suction cups to any bathtub/basin/sink • Free from BPA and phthalates • Safe for use by children of all ages


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