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Snoozebaby Comfort toy Sweet dreaming (25 x 25 cm)
The idea for Snoozebaby was conceived in founder Marleen Rameckers’s own quest to comfort her infant son who was born too early by caesarean and suffering from the KISS syndrome. She found that the soft materials of a silk scarf or washing tags on clothing had a calming effect on him. It was amazing: although he cried a lot, he became calm and relaxed simply by feeling the tags with his tiny fingers, not only at bedtime, but also while he was awake.

Sweet Dreaming Comfort Blanket (25x25 cm) has twelve tags attached to it and is made of velour/coral and 100% cotton jersey.

To enjoy the quality of Snoozebaby items, it is advised to wash at 30 degrees, short program, and do not tumble dry.

Children can play with the tags and cuddle with the soft materials. Sweet Dreaming is available in different colours and qualities.

Standard - the original tag comfy blanket
Deluxe - a bit more "fluffy" than standard
Organic - is made with organic materials

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