Squiz pouches 3-pk
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Re-usable food pouches
Today, parents are increasingly concerned about how what they buy affects their children and the planet. The growing interest in community waste action and zero-waste living is a result of consumers becoming more involved in the fight against waste and global warming.
Easy to fill, freeze, reheat, clean, and carry anywhere without the risk of messy leaks, SQUIZ makes families' lives easier. Filled with homemade or store-bought food, they make on-the-go meals and snacks child's play!
Age: For kids and grow-ups alike! Squiz can be used as soon as your baby begins eating solids (approx. 6 months of age). Our range also includes the SQUIZ'top ergonomic silicone adapter, which aids
the transition between bottles and solid food. Specific usages: elderly people, children with a malformation of the oesophagus or metabolic illnesses, people following a special diet (allergies, halal, kosher, etc...)
First use: The double zipper is very strong and can be difficult to open the first few uses. Never pull
hard. Hold both layers of the zip and the pouch together and open by pressing with your thumbs gently towards the inside of the zipper. To close, press along the entire length of zipper to verify that it is entirely closed.
Filling: You can pour food directly into the large zippered opening or fill with a spoon or a funnel. Be
sure to put the cap on the pouch first and not to exceed the maximum fill line. Squiz pouches do not
require a filling station but are compatible with all existing models.
Storage: You can store Squiz in the fridge or freezer. The maximum storage time will depend on the
ingredients and method of preparation used (cooking time, sugar content).
Reheating: heat up the pouches in warm water (not hot or boiling) or by placing them briefly under a
warm tap. The use of a microwave is not recommended, but is possible in “defrost” mode only. If heated, knead your Squiz pouch and make sure there are no “hot spots” left. *Do NOT expose your SQUIZ pouches to high heat (pouring in hot food, using a microwave on higher power than “defrost”, intensive cycles in the dishwasher...) 
Cleaning: Squiz pouches should be washed between uses. To increase their lifespan it is best to clean your Squiz with a bottle brush and warm soapy water. It is also possible to put the pouches in the top rack of the dishwasher. *Do NOT soak your Squiz pouches in water for long periods of time: this could cause the protective plastic film on the outside (applied with a non-toxic water-based glue) to begin peeling off. For thorough cleaning, fill the pouch with soapy water and let it stand closed for a few minutes.

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