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SunHero – sun protection indication, apply more sunscreen?

are you always facing the same problem at the beach, is the sunscreen protecting or not? SunHero is the simple solutions for knowing when to reapply more sunscreen and how much sunscreen should be used. it indicates clearly by changing colour from white to purple.

No more sunscreen guessing game – enjoy boosting your health in the sun without getting burned. SunHero eliminates the problem of trying to keep track of when you may need to apply more sunscreen by changing colour.

Stick the SunHero Indicator on the most exposed part of your body, normally the shoulders or back of the neck. apply an even coating of sunscreen to your body and the indicator. When you are protected the indicator is white. When the sunscreen is loosing effect the indicator turns purple – apply more sunscreen or avoid the sun.

Which sunscreen is best? – you choose, with SunHero you will easily see if it is a poor sunscreen – then it turns blue indicating you need more protection.

SunHero work with most Sunscreens and are calibrated for use of SPF 30 and above.

Water resistant
Skin friendly material
Lasts all day
Easy to use


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