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Babies and parents alike tend to become attached to their iiamo go and will not let go of it. Therefore, iiamo has developed an easy-to-replace drinking top, iiamo drink, which allows it to be used as a drinking bottle once the baby no longer needs it as a feeding bottle. iiamo go will, with a simple exchange of the top, become the drinking bottle of choice for juice, water or other healthy drinks for children at all ages. As a parent, you might even end up bringing the iconic iiamo drinking bottle out for a run - watch out kids that your iiamo bottle is not stolen by mom or dad ! iiamo drink is available in the 3 iiamo base colors white, green and orange.
By introducing iiamo more and iiamo drink as "life extensions" to your iiamo go feeding bottle, we will fulfill a long standing dream of transforming the iiamo go feeding bottle into a multi-use lifelong drinking bottle for your children at all ages - the replaceable bottom and top makes iiamo a preferable choice both from an economic and environmental perspective.