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benbat Baby G* Giraffe for stroller

No more dropping or losing your child's loved items while On the Go The GCar, of the G collection is the perfect solution for this: With special easy access hooks, parent can attach child's favourite toy, pacifier, blanket or any other loved accessory. Child enjoys them and parent can focus on a safe car drive or outing in the stroller. Giraffe it & Go!
  • Tummy pocket to store a spare pacifier, toy or snacks
  • Mirror for extra amusement
  • Smart design of 4 special hooks holds your child's toy, blanket, pacifier
  • The 4 rings can be used to grab, tag and hold as well as make a nice clanking noise which amuses the child
  • Can be used as child's favourite toy
  • Adjustable detachable strap
(WARNING! Top detachable strap is NOT A TOY. To be handled by an ADULT ONLY)

£8.99 £14.99

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