B2B Breast Pump
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From Breast to Bottle - the most mummy friendly breastpump. Handsfree, more silent, gentle expressing Breastshells in three different sizes included Express in stimulation (mirrors "let down reflex") and expressing phase in eight adjustable levels Operates on AA batteries or mains voltage Display with level and time "As a new mum trying to express milk can be a difficult task. Most breastpumps are noisy and very uncomfortable - both physically, but also mentally the way they are placed on the breast. You often have to hold them with one hand, giving you little option to hold your baby - or in the event baby is sleeping - actually give you some "me" time. So rare with a new baby ;-). I found the B2B soo easy to use and comfortable. Gentle and adjustable expressing - and with the added handsfree benefit. It mirrors the "let down reflex" as if you were putting your baby to the breast, giving your body time to adjust and get ready for the expressing. No pain or discomfort. You just need to get to grips with the assembling and cleaning (easy in the microwave sterilizer from Difrax) and on you go.."

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