Stop Your Baby Clothes Going Yellow

Once you have invested in Snoozebaby clothes, you will want to keep them in tip top condition.

Many parents want to hold onto the clothes their children wear when they are babies, either for sentimental reasons or so they have something to use for their next child.

One of the biggest problems parents face when holding onto baby clothes is storing them effectively. How many times have you seen gender neutral white baby clothes go yellow between you putting them away and pulling them out when you need them again?

It is a common problem that could be avoided by avoiding using bleach on baby clothes. This may be difficult if you have had to wash out some tough stains, which is inevitable with a baby, but use too much bleach then you can cause the fibres to fray. The frayed fibres cause there to be more air exposure, and oxygen exposure causes the fabric to oxidise and yellow.

Chemist Allen Charles told Romper "All things can and will oxidise if exposed to air. With fabrics, it's just more apparent in the light colours than it is in the coloured fabrics, but it's happening to all of them." 

“Baby clothes also spend as much or more time in storage than they do on the actual babies, so they're not repeatedly washed or exposed to sunlight, which will retard the yellowing process, but not stop it, entirely."

There are a couple of tricks you can use to whiten your baby clothes more naturally, for example using hot water, lemon and line drying in the sun.