How To Make Your Baby Love Bath Time!

With a newborn baby, giving them a good scrub in the sink is generally the approved method because they’re so small the bathtub probably looks like the ocean – and could well be a bit intimidating. But as they get older and outgrow the kitchen sink, the bath is the only option. Here a few tips to help bath time run smoothly – and to even make sure your baba absolutely loves getting clean!

Get in yourself

Co-bathing is a brilliant way of bonding with your child, making sure they’re clean as a whistle and making it fun so they look forward to it each time. It’ll help calm any worries and give you a chance to relax, as well as providing an opportunity to promote breastfeeding.

Bring in the toys

There are so many different bath toys out there that you’ll have a hard time making up your mind about which ones to buy. A rubber duck is a must, however! Toys are great because they encourage imaginative play and can help distract your child as and when required.

Follow a routine

Babies thrive on a routine so always schedule your bath time for the same time each day. Your child will quickly become used to the thought of having a bath every day at the same time and they’ll soon learn that after a bath comes lots of cuddles, bedtime stories and lots of kisses.

Maintain communication

The key is to keep your baby relaxed and the best way to do this is by talking to them and maintaining eye contact. They’ll find this reassuring and will soon see that bath time isn’t scary at all.

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