Hot Baby Trend: Cake Smash Parties!

As every parent knows, their baby’s first birthday is a momentous occasion and one that deserves to be celebrated in style. And now there’s a new way to get in the party spirit, although be prepared to get a little messy!

It’s called cake smash and involves giving your one-year-old a beautiful birthday cake and allowing them to dive in and get completely covered in it, all with a professional photographer on hand to capture your little one in all its cake-covered glory. This is often followed up by a fun bubble bath, which the photographer will also take snaps of so you can remember the day fondly for years to come.

To throw a party yourself, you’ll need a baby-sized cake and a disposable table cloth so that you can clear the mess up quickly and easily. It might be a good idea to dress your child minimally as well so you don’t get stuck with having to do lots of washing afterward – although don’t forget, it is their birthday so they should look their best if possible. A little bow tie and some braces would be a great look for a little boy, while a girl could go for ribbons in her hair or some cute little pants to look good in the photos.

But, of course, your photographer is sure to have all sorts of ideas themselves to help you work it all out – and the best bit is that there are dedicated cake smash photographers out there, so see if you have one in your local area who can offer you some advice.

And perhaps get your hands on a Luma baby bath before you throw the party so you know you’re ready for the big clean up after the celebrations are done.