Lidl Tempts Kids To Eat Healthily With Rad-Fishes And Celery Storks


We all know how difficult it can be to get the little ones to eat their greens but budget supermarket Lidl has come up with a novel way to help out: fun-sized veggies.

 You may be more familiar with the tempting fun-size (read tiny) treats that come in a multipack and provide something of a sugar high after only the third mouthful but these healthy alternatives are marketed as just as much fun with none of the guilt.

 To capture the imaginations of its youngest shoppers, Lidl’s latest additions to its kids’ fruit and veg range includes Rad-Fishes (mini, mild radishes) and Celery Storks (sticks of celery).

 What’s more, the fun-sized bags of veg will be priced at 59p for a bag of celery and 39p for a pack of radishes. The new additions join a range that currently includes mini broccoli trees, unicorn carrots, romanesaurus rex (mini romanesco) and cauliflower clouds.

 Head of fresh produce at Lidl Emma Byrne told the Sun that the supermarket is always trialling new products that help make fruit and veg both affordable and exciting.

 “Our romanesaurus rex and unicorn carrots have been customer favourites to date and we’re excited to see what families make of our latest additions,” she said.

 For little ones on the go, the fruit and veg can be great chopped up as healthy snacks or, for younger tots, pureed and poured into squiz pouches for a cheap and easy meal.

 In the new year, the supermarket is expected to launch a range of baby avocados called avodillos, the publication reports.