British Babies Are The Biggest Criers, Study Reveals!

Better bust out your Snoozebaby kit and caboodle – it turns out that British babies might actually be the biggest criers of them all… great news for all you new parents out there!

New research from Kingston University has just revealed that babies in the UK, Italy, Canada and the Netherlands cry the most out of them all, while those in Germany, Denmark and Japan blubber the least.

It was also suggested that breastfed babies typically cry more, perhaps because formula milk takes longer to break down so breastfed little ones can wake up more – which means they’re likely to cry more as well.

“One study that compared Danish and UK babies crying found that Danish parents respond more quickly when the baby cries compared to British parents. It found that parents in the UK had less physical contact with their infants, including when their baby is crying and also when awake and settled,” professor in psychology Muthanna Samara commented.

There are lots of different ways you can try and soothe a crying baby – because there are lots of different reasons that babies cry. It could be a wet nappy, hunger, sleepiness, colic, pain or illness, gas, too much noise or activity, fear or anxiety… the list goes on.

Crying is used to communicate and it’s likely it’ll continue until their needs are responded to and met. Listen out for differences in the cries so you can work out what your baby wants. To calm them and stop them from crying, try strategies like swaddling, creating white noise that drowns out other sounds, moving them in a swinging motion (car drives can work wonders), or let them suck on something like a dummy.